Stephen Herko

Leveling Up Designers Around You: The Path to Self-Improvement

January 12, 2023

As a UX designer, it’s important to understand that you don’t work in a vacuum. Your role and work impact the entire organization, and vice versa. That’s why leveling up the designers around you can have a positive impact on your own career growth.

Imagine a world where you are the only UX designer in a company. Convincing stakeholders of the importance of a mature design process and illustrating its value can be challenging. However, when there are many UX designers in an organization, the chances of the design process being accepted and valued increase. When more people are talking about design and working with business partners, it becomes more and more accepted.

It’s important for UX designers to work with business partners to provide and illustrate the value of design. If you’re a UX designer who doesn’t do this, it’s almost like being a single voice in the world. That’s why leveling up everybody together is crucial and benefits us all.

So how can you level up the designers around you? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Share your knowledge and experience. Offer to mentor other designers and help them grow in their careers. This will not only help them, but it will also keep your own skills sharp.
  2. Collaborate on projects. Work with other designers on a project to learn from each other and share best practices.
  3. Attend workshops and events together. Participating in events and workshops with other designers is a great way to learn, network, and get inspired.
  4. Create a community of designers. Encourage other designers to network, share their work, and give feedback to one another.
  5. Lead by example. Show your colleagues the value of design and how it can drive business success.

Leveling up the designers around you can lead to a more mature design process and a more respected design team. It can also help you develop new skills, improve your own work, and advance your career. So don’t hesitate to start leveling up everyone around you today!

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