PlayIt is a multi media service that allows users to upload their own movies and music. In addition, PlayIt offers a wide range of movies and music from it’s own store allowing customers to build and manage their collection.


In the world of subscription services and streaming content, is there still room for digital stores when it comes to media? Has there been a platform where users can upload different forms of media, and make purchases from a store on one platform?

The Approach

Before diving into the design for PlayIt, I mapped out a plan to better understand user’s behavior and the competitive landscape. I believe research, planning and testing are essential when designing a new product. User interviews were going to be an important step for this project before jumping into the design.

Initial Research

I performed a competitive analysis to get a better understanding of what users could be potentially used to while trying other services. I could also form some hypothesis of what was working well for other competitors, and what wasn’t. In doing so, we can start to get a list of some goals the PlayIt app may want to strive for.

Card Sorting

A simple workshop to ideate all the possibilities with the stakeholders. It’s important in brainstorming to allow everyone to produce ideas without judgment at this stage. Participants are encouraged to throw any idea out there. Even something that seems like a bad idea may spark a good idea in someone else. After we have collected an list of ideas, I sorted them accordingly.

Customer Journey

The flow was designed around getting the user into the product as quickly as possible.

Uploading New Media

Uploading new media was a major selling point for PlayIt. By scrapping meta data when a user uploads a file, we could pre-fill fields for an added delight. The user would have the choice to edit the labels before committing and adding it to their library.

Design System

PlayIt was designed on an 8px baseline to ensure consistency throughout components. Typography, buttons, images all fall on this baseline. Padding and margins are also designed in multiples of 8. E.g margin-right: 8px, 16px, or 32px. This provides a guideline when new designers or developers pickup the files ensuring consistent results.

Building on access controls, we could provide additional value by displaying aggregate usage data for each profile

…We extracted the most meaningful metrics (number of threats, most visited sites, and time spent in each content category) from the profile’s online activity, and visualized them as cards with a summary of each data point. As a result, we could provide our users with an additional incentive to user the access controls, by giving insight as to what their kids are doing online. …


I’ve been designing and creating my whole life. Currently Im proud to be involved in the wonderful world of product design.

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