Stephen Herko

Macrospace Space Planning

My role

  • Product strategy
  • Project lead
  • UX Design
  • Research


  • 14 Engineers
  • 2 UX designers
  • 3 Product owners
  • 5 Data scientists


To design a digital solution that helps club associates set up floor plans in store faster and more efficiently.


4 months

Problem Statement

Associates currently have to print out floor plans that are sent from the home office. The printouts are hard to create, and hard to read for the associates who need to use them.

Objective: To design a digital solution that helps club associates set up floor plans in store faster and more efficiently



To start the project, we conducted user research with club associates and managers to understand their current process for setting up floor plans. We discovered that the current process involves several steps, including printing out the floor plans, manually measuring the store's dimensions, and then using tape to mark out the floor plan.

From our research, we also discovered that associates often struggle with understanding the floor plans sent from the home office due to their complexity and lack of clarity. This results in mistakes, which can lead to delays and additional work.


Based on our research, we identified the need for a digital solution that simplifies the process of setting up floor plans. We designed a mobile app that uses the camera on the associate's device to scan the store's dimensions and automatically generate a floor plan.

The app also includes features such as the ability to add and move fixtures, shelves, and displays, and to visualize the store's layout in 3D. We also made sure that the app's user interface is intuitive and easy to use, with clear visual cues and minimal text.


To test the app, we conducted usability testing with club associates and managers. We observed them using the app to set up floor plans and asked them to provide feedback on its usability, features, and overall experience.

Based on the feedback, we made several improvements to the app, including making it easier to add and move fixtures, providing more options for customizing the layout, and improving the visual design to make it more appealing and easier to understand.


The digital solution we designed helped club associates set up floor plans in store faster and more efficiently. The app streamlined the process of generating floor plans, reduced the need for manual measurements, and improved the overall accuracy of the process.

Associates also reported that the app was easier to use and understand than the previous printed floor plans, reducing mistakes and delays. As a result, the app increased productivity and improved the overall experience for club associates and managers.

Overall, the digital solution we designed proved to be a valuable tool, and improved the lives for the club associates and managers